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Brand: Polycase Ammunition Model: 9RNPARXBRLUG-65-1500
PolyCase Ammunition® introduces its new Inceptor® RNPTM line, featuring injection-molded bullets, loaded to SAAMI specifications. Inceptor® RNPTM ammo achieves superb reliability, pinpoint accuracy, and extreme performance through advanced technology and precision engineering. It’s a revolution in p..
Ex Tax:$695.88
Brand: Polycase Ammunition Model: 50BEOARXBR-200-200
At PolyCase their mission is simple: leverage the latest technologies to create the next generation of defense, training and hunting ammunition with tried and true performance. We accomplished the mission with the introduction of our Inceptor Preferred Hunting line, featuring the patent-pending Poly..
Ex Tax:$599.90
Brand: THOR Global Defense Group Model: 12/70SBS
12/70 steel slugs – LARGE QUANTITIES AVAILABLE SPECIFICATIONS:Berdan Primed Steel Slug 12 Gauge 2 3/4”TECHNICAL DATAVELOCITY: ≥ 1510 Feet Per Second PACKAGING: 10 shells per box, 12 boxes per case ORIGIN: Manufactured in Russian PRODUCTION YEAR: 2017PRICE:  $96.00 per case..
Ex Tax:$96.00
Brand: The Hunting Shack Model: HSM-408CT-3-N
419 gr HSM Urban COPper T50 Long Range Case of 250 rounds..
Ex Tax:$1,549.75
Brand: The Hunting Shack Model: HSM-50BMG-2-N
New HSM loaded .50 BMG match grade long range ammunition. 2719 fps @ Muzzle750gr Hornady AMAXBallistic Coefficient: 1.050..
Ex Tax:$639.90
Brand: The Hunting Shack Model: HSM-50BMG-6Tracer-N
100 Tracer rounds of .50 BMG..
Ex Tax:$629.90
Brand: The Hunting Shack Model: HSM-50BMG-4-N
750 gr Hollow Point .50 BMG-HSM-case of 100..
Ex Tax:$709.90
Brand: The Hunting Shack Model: HSM-50BMG-11-N
773 gr Urban COPper® T50 Long Range .50 BMG-Case of 100..
Ex Tax:$679.90
Brand: Black Hills Ammunition Model: BH D300WHISPERN
.300 BLACKOUT/Whisper 500 ROUND CASE125 Gr. OTMVelocity: 2200 FPS Energy: 1343 Ft. Lbs.125 Gr. TMK Velocity: 2200 FPS Energy: 1343 Ft. Lbs.220 Gr. OTMVelocity: 1000 FPS Energy: 488 Ft. Lbs...
Ex Tax:$754.56
Brand: Black Hills Ammunition Model: BH D45N
.45 ACP 500 ROUND CASE200 Gr. Match Semi-Wadcutter -  $364.16Velocity: 875 FPS Energy: 340 Ft. Lbs.230 Gr. Full Metal Jacket - $421.76Velocity: 850 FPS Energy: 369 Ft. Lbs.185 Gr. Jacketed Hollow Point - $434.56Velocity: 1000 ..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Black Hills Ammunition Model: BH D556N
Q: Is it safe to shoot 5.56x45mm/5.56/5.56 NATO ammunition in a firearm chambered for 223        Remington (223 Rem)? A: No! It is not safe to shoot “5.56” “5.56 NATO” or “5.56x45mm” (we’ll call these all simply        “5.56”) ammunition in a firearm with a barrel marked as being chambered in 223..
Ex Tax:$536.96
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