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Suppressor Accessories

Brand: Knights Armament Model: 94367
Replacement Right hand piston assembly for KAC MK23 suppressor..
Ex Tax:$625.44
Brand: NFA Trust Model: NFAtrust
                                                                        NFA Firearms Trust Information Key Advantages:No CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Signature required No Fingerprinting required No Photographs required Ability to purchase “restricted” items such as Short Barrel Rifl..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: O.S.S. Model: EL
For Military Forces using full-auto fire weapons in extreme conditions. Utilizing Gen V Flow-Through technology, only the ELITE Line delivers torture test-proven suppression, performance and durability for extreme full-auto rated conditions.EL 5.56 (EL 556) An integrated flush mount suppressor..
Ex Tax:$1,795.00
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