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Fort Knox Guardian 72" x41" x27"

Even the top of the industry manufactures can only hope to manufacture the precision of the guardian vault. The bolt pattern offers pryable protection far beyond what the others have to offer. Add a few options to the Guardian Vault to create a personalized vault specifically for your needs.



  • 3/16" outer with 10 gauge inner steel Liner
  • 10-Guage outer with 3/8" inner plate door
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Internal/External Hinges(right or left)
  • 18-20 Locking bolts, Corner Bolts included
  • 90 MIN 1680° Fire rating
  • 5:1 Gear ratio, clutch handle shaft
  • Electric outlet
  • Bolt Detent
  • Door Organizer
  • Hinge Caps
  • Lights LED

Color Options-

Texture Finish- Dark Granite, Light Granite, Rimrock

Gloss Finish- Black Cherry, Burgandy Wine, Forest Green, Ivory, Mercedes Silver, Midnight Blue, Platinum, Sage Green, Root Beer Brown, Champagne, Jet Black, Copper, Brilliant White, Distressed

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