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Core Survival HEL-STAR 6 Helmet Mounted Light - HS-620-02

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HEL-STAR 6 is the latest in a series of purpose-built helmet mounted LED lights designed for airborne/MFF, tactical and other military operations. HEL-STAR 6 combines the basic features of the earlier HEL-STAR 4 & HEL-STAR 5 multi-function marker lights into a compact, integrated design with enhanced omni-directional visibility, easy battery replacement, and waterproofness to 130 feet. Improved sliding switches enhance tactile feel and provide positive, intuitive control between the two operating modes and four user-defined functions. Functions can be selected from virtually any combination of White, four different color options, and IR � either flashing or steady. Variable flash rates, intensities and coded signals provide expanded IFF capability. Independent testing has confirmed that the HEL-STAR 6 exceeds the FAA�s 3 statute mile visibility requirement. HEL-STAR 6 is built on a platform that allows new technology to be incorporated as it becomes available. As mission demands shift and expand, HEL-STAR 6 can evolve with changing user needs. Mode A Functions- A1: Green (Steady) A2: Green (Steady) & White (Flash) Mode B Functions- B1: IR (Flash) B2: IR (Flash/Bright)
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SKU HS-620-02
Manufacturer Core Survival
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