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NWA Tactical. is a global distributor specializing in law enforcement and military grade weaponry. NWA Tactical’s facility boasts ample warehouse space, multiple loading docks with easy access for freight vehicles, and state of the art inventory management technology. NWA Tactical is a fully licensed importer and exporter of firearms and maintains full registration and compliance with ITAR. We assist some of the largest companies in the industry with international trade processes as well as ensuring proper end user delivery. Assistance is frequently provided to foreign entities through import/export of firearms, tactical equipment and gear. Through standing trade relationships, NWA Tactical supports companies working to establish their brand or product within the United States or overseas. NWA Tactical’s experienced staff works directly with State Department officials and will make international trade arrangements with any approved entity. Additionally, NWA Tactical possess a Federal Firearms License as well as SOT for the sale of Class III Weapons - and also works closely with the top forwarders available for the best freight experience. NWA Tactical is the clear choice for your global purchasing and distribution needs.