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PreBan Trade List

Here at NWATactical we on occasion except trades on certain pre-ban weapons for credit towards your purchase of a new firearm or other products from us. We will need pictures and information on the firearm to consider the value, no exact dollar value will be given until we are able to have the weapon inspected for flaws or issues. All guns should be equipped with an original pre-ban magazine and normal accessories. Certain guns will be required to have all accessories to qualify for the purchase price. We would be interested in any additional accessories.                        

 Calico M960

Calico M960

Cobray M11 / M10

Ingram MAC-10 w/ Threaded Barrel

Colt M16 and variants
CZ Skorpion / VZ61
HK / Benelli M1
HK 33
HK 53
HK 91
HK 91 A2/A3
HK 93
HK 93 A2/A3
HK 94
IMI Galil
IMI Micro Galil
IMI Rifle-Galatz
Intratec Tec 9
Izhmash AK47
Knight's Armament SR-25 (Threaded gas block era)
M60 Machine Gun, All Variants
SIG 550
SIG 550-1 Sniper Rifle
SIG 551

Steyr AUG / All Variants
STEYR AUG 14",16",20", or 24" Barrel
STEYR AUG Special Receiver

Most Pre-Bans
(contact with Make & Model of Firearm)


The guns should be shipped FedEx or UPS According to shipping instructions for firearms. Guns should be insured for replacement value. The firearm should not be loaded and should be completely functional and in clean condition. We also reserve the right to refuse any offers for any reason, if the firearm does not meet our qualifications the firearm will be returned to you via a licensed FFL/SOT dealer in your area. Terms & Conditions apply, please contact us for further details at