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Century International Arms

Brand: Century International Arms Model: RI3324-N
First time ever imported, new manufactured PSL Rifle. One of the most famous DMR rifles ever made, the PSL is just packed with features. From the sleek skeleton stock to the tip of the muzzle brake, this powerful rifle is a head-turner at the range and out in the field. The 4 groove barrel has a 1:1..
Ex Tax:$2,295.00
Brand: Century International Arms Model: CENRI3324-N
Romanian PSL54 7.62x54R With Russian Optic New Production Russian 4x24 Optic with Illuminated Range Finding Reticle. Uses 1 - AA Battery 1 - 10 Round MagazineSpecsCaliber Gauge: 7.62X54R Action: Semi-automatic Finish: Black Brand: Century Arms UPC Code: 7874505181..
Ex Tax:$2,399.00
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