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Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON ISIS-2 45
THE ISIS-2 .45ACP The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2  is even better!  Now rated for SUBSONIC .300 Blackout as well as centerfire pistol and rimfire calibers, the Isis-2 is truly among the quietest and most versatile pistol suppressors on the market. Improvements to the old design include a threadles..
Ex Tax:$556.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON 16K-TI
With the requests for a compact, high-performance 5.56 suppressor growing, Thompson Machine listened to the avid silencer community and developed the impressive 16K-Ti unit. Adding a mere 5.5” to your host rifle, this suppressor brings a light, condensed option to the 5.56mm rifle category. With the..
Ex Tax:$1,095.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON 30TI
Thompson Machine, the suppressor industry spotlight is on you. With their ultra-lightweight, cutting-edge 30-Ti model, silencer enthusiasts are forever grateful. Combining convenience, maneuverability, and impressive suppression, the Thompson Machine 30-Ti is one can that should be run early and oft..
Ex Tax:$1,095.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON ISIS22
The Culmination of countless hours of R&D, the Thompson Machine Isis22 sets a new standard for what a rimfire suppressor should be. With outstanding sound suppression on nearly every rimfire host firearm and little to no audible FRP, we think it’s the perfect .22LR can.  The Isis22’s features includ..
Ex Tax:$315.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON OPERATIVE BBL
To put it bluntly, if you want your 10/22 to be an amazingly quiet, compact, and discrete package, the Thompson Machine Operative integrally suppressed barrel system is the one for you.  Built with a .920” barrel profile just like a stock 10/22 bull barrel, the Operative installed on your rifle will..
Ex Tax:$675.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON WASP
Don’t be fooled by the Wasp’s size. By using a cutting-edge baffle stack combined with artificial environment technology the Wasp is able to outperform .22 suppressors that are twice its size. We purpose built this suppressor for the Beretta 21a, but it works great on any .22 host. Just a little bit..
Ex Tax:$224.00
Brand: Thompson Machine Model: SS THOMPSON ZEPHYR L
The Thompson Machine Zephyr Light is a truly outstanding rimfire silencer. It combines all of the desirable qualities of industry-leading .22 suppressors into a very lightweight package that is affordable for most shooters. On either a pistol or rifle host, the Zephyr achieves excellent sound reduct..
Ex Tax:$289.00
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