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Guncrafter Industries

Brand: Guncrafter Industries Model: FGFS45B02
It does this without sharp points that are prone to damage, collect lint, and that can hang up on clothes while carrying concealed. Functionality aside, the FRAG has a truly unique to it, it is stunning! The FRAG is our only pistol that starts out with a brass bead front and u-notch rear sight combi..
Ex Tax:$3,599.00
Brand: Guncrafter Industries Model: AMFS45
Having a light fixed to your pistol makes a lot of sense, freeing up the other hand to open doors, cradle loved ones, or to hold off the bad guys enough that you can lessen their treat to you while removing them from the fight. Many Tac-teams have employed them all over the world but as we see it th..
Ex Tax:$2,999.00
Brand: Guncrafter Industries Model: M150
Guncrafter Industries Model No. 1 .50GI - M150 When we set out to design the M1, we started with a totally clean slate. We didn’t set a selling price and then try to decide on parts and features that would meet that price, instead, we carefully selected each and every part and feature to best meet o..
Ex Tax:$3,499.00
Brand: Guncrafter Industries Model: M250
The M2 has been designed to accommodate the special needs of Professional operators or anyone who desires to own the most reliable and advanced 1911 on the market. The full profile slide adds heft to soften the recoil while the integral light rail allows users to attach lights and accessories. The M..
Ex Tax:$3,599.00
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