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MTM Case Guard

Brand: MTM Case Guard Model: 42352
MTM's Rifle Maintenance Center is designed to be taken to the range for easy cleaning of rifles and shotguns. Two removable forks with protective rubber overmolding pop into place to hold guns or and cleaning rods then can be stored in the base along with cleaning supplies. Use it to mount scopes,..
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Brand: MTM Case Guard Model: 58666
Designed at the request of the growing number of 50 BMG users. They told MTM Case-Gard they only needed 10 rounds and they preferred a slip top design. MTM Case-Gard added bullet tip protection for most bullets seated at standard lengths. This is done by holding the rounds at the shoulder. ..
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Brand: MTM Case Guard Model: 42444
Sportsmen's Utility Case Specially designed for the Sportsman, this large case can carry just about any type of handgun. Items up to three inches thick can be safely sandwiched between a thick foam pad (which can be used in the top or bottom of the case) for safe and worry-free transportation. The ..
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