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Brand: Radians Model: 93331
The Radians G4™ offers a stylish one piece lens design offers integral side shields and extended brow guard protection for maximum safety. 10% smaller than the G4™.5-position ratcheting temples with telescoping earpieces for a completely customized fit. 10% smaller than the G4™. Full side shie..
Ex Tax:$6.00
Brand: Radians Model: RADTV0700CS
Radians Pink Pro-Amp™ Electronic Earmuff is an electronic sound amplification earmuff with 2 independent high frequency directional microphones. Automatically compresses harmful noises to a safer range below 85dB without clipping or cutting. Padded moisture wicking headband moves moisture away while..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Brand: Radians Model: RADR3200ECS
Radians R-3200™ Dual Mic is an electronic sound amplification earmuff. Two independent microphones pick up and amplify low sound level noises while compressing sounds that exceed safe levels. Compact folding feature for easy storage. 3.5mm stereo input jack and patch cable works with most smart devi..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Brand: Radians Model: 93323-5
The Radians Revelation™ offers 5-position ratchet plus 4-position telescoping temples for superior fit. 16 lens colors to choose from for all your safety glass needs.5-position ratchet temples provides a comfortable safety glass fit. 4-position temple length adjustment. Soft, non-slip rubber n..
Ex Tax:$10.00
Brand: Radians Model: 93350
Radians TRPX™ 29 Earmuff is premium hearing protection with a soft, lightweight, extra long padding on headband which offers added comfort for extended wear.Folds for compact storage.  Lightweight design offers maximum comfort.  Adjustable moisture wicking headband allows for optimum fit.  Fo..
Ex Tax:$21.00
Brand: Radians Model: 54758
The X-Caliber youth earmuff provides a secure fit for a youth or smaller adult. The sleek look is designed to prevent gun stock interference. The adjustable headband provides a custom fit.Smaller size, excellent for women and youth. Sleek, secure design. Adjustable headband provides a comforta..
Ex Tax:$15.00
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