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Nighthawk Custom

Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: [NighthawkAACRecon]
5" Threaded Barrel with Thread Protector, Tall Suppressor Sights, Recon FrameBuilt in collaboration with Advanced Armament Corporation, the new AAC Suppressor Ready pistol is one that you will cherish for a lifetime. This one is not just another pretty face in the crowd, but rather an all b..
Ex Tax:$3,595.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: NIGHTHAWK CARRY +PLUS Feather-lite
DETAILSRepresenting the ultimate lightweight, everyday-carry-weapon, the goal of this project was to create a small, lightweight pistol, while still maintaining flawless reliability. Billet-aluminum parts are used throughout the design to minimize weight and provide greater comfort while carryin..
Ex Tax:$3,895.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: colt70
The Nighthawk Custom Colt Series 70 offers several functional and aesthetic upgrades to a timeless classic. We have taken the Colt 1911 Classic model and given it an overhaul. An all-new trigger system has been installed with a match grade, solid short trigger, fully machined disconnector, sear, ham..
Ex Tax:$2,599.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: counselor
The Counselor is a 9mm, 3.5-inch barrel, 1911 Officer Model, based on a shortened lightweight aluminum frame, complete with an aluminum mainspring housing and grip safety. We've added our new bobbed-concealment beavertail and hammer, which are smaller for concealed carry. The gun is in 9mm and feat..
Ex Tax:$3,799.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nhkestrel
The Kestrel is one of our top sellers due to its great ergonomics and eye appeal. It has a thinned down front strap, flat mainspring housing, and thin grips, which give this pistol a great feel. The moonhawk behind the rear cocking serrations create a clean slide, along with scallops and a black nit..
Ex Tax:$3,699.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nxr6
The brand new Korth NXR brings a six-shot .44 Magnum to the legendary roster of Korth revolvers. The NXR comes standard with a 6” hammer-forged precision barrel and an integrated Picatinny rail on the frame. The barrel housing has been ventilated for faster cooling while the entire revolver has a DL..
Ex Tax:$5,299.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nhladyhawk
The Lady Hawk is one of our top sellers due to its great ergonomics and eye appeal. It has a thinned down front strap, flat mainspring housing, and thin grips, which give this pistol a great feel. The clean slide with the Heinie H behind the rear cocking serrations, along with the scallops and titan..
Ex Tax:$3,699.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nhbull
The Bull is built just as tough as the name sounds. This pistol is available in Government or Commander size and uses Nighthawk Custom’s unique Bow Tie Plug so the front of the slide can be custom angled for a distinctive look. The Bull Nose cut not only looks great, but it also allows for easy hols..
Ex Tax:$3,699.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nhagent2
Meticulously crafted and designed down to the last detail, the Nighthawk Agent2 is the next evolution of collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Railscales, and Hillbilly 223. Utilizing the “One Gun, One Gunsmith” approach, Nighthawk has taken the 1911 platform to an all-new level of co..
Ex Tax:$4,499.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: agent2 new commander
The Agent2 Commander is the latest offering from a collaboration between Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms, bringing cutting edge style and flawless performance to a concealed carry friendly frame. Agency cuts on the slide give the Agent2 Commander an attitude larger than its frame. Custom grips desi..
Ex Tax:$4,499.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: new vp
The newest member of our Boardroom Series of 1911’s is the Vice President. As with the Chairman and President before it, the Vice President comes chambered in 9mm but with a smaller commander frame and slide. The heavy angle cuts in the slide aid in faster cycling for competitive shooters while wind..
Ex Tax:$4,199.00
Brand: Nighthawk Custom Model: nhmarvel
Bob Marvel worked with several of our Master Gunsmiths to design one of our most popular custom models. This design involved months of training and preparation. The time was well spent and has produced what we consider to be one of the finest and most unique models we have offered to date. This mode..
Ex Tax:$4,399.00
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