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MGI Industries Inc.

Brand: MGI Industries Inc. Model: MARCK15
The Complete MARCK 15 5.56 Weapon System. This MARCK 15, also known as the "Hydra", is the base system for everything associated with our system. This complete weapon system is ready to fire out of the box. It includes the Modular Lower Receiver with a 5.56mm Magazine-Well, the QCB-D Upper Receiver ..
Ex Tax:$1,250.00
Brand: MGI Industries Inc. Model: BFHYDRA
MGI's long awaited belt fed Hydra is now available. Firing .223 / 5.56 from the MGI modular weapon system is now possible using modified links (provided by MGI). This belt fed Hydra can be retrofitted to use the existing interchangeable mag wells and includeds the QCB upper receiver with MGI's speci..
Ex Tax:$4,499.00
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