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Brand: NEMO Arms Model: BRTSASSG1
20" BarrelNEMO Recoil Reductoin CarrierRifle-Length free float handguardMagpul PRS Stock, Geissele SSA-E trigger, muzzle brakecustom tiger stripe hard anodized on billet recievers setsuppressed/unsuppressed 2 stage gas block..
Ex Tax:$4,675.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: BRT8SBR
10.5" Barrel, NEMO Recoil reduction carrier,MFT Battlelink stock, muzzle brake, tiger sripe hard anodized on billet recieversGeissele SSA-E trigger..
Ex Tax:$4,199.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: BLMS300SBR
7.5" BarrelMFT BattleLink adjustable stock assemblyNEMO Flash Hidertiger stripe hard anodized recieverTroy Flip SightsRifle lenth Keymod HandguardGeissele SSD-C Trigger..
Ex Tax:$3,410.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: OMEN338
24" Non Fulted BarrelAdjustable Gas BlockRecoil Reduction CarrierMagpul PRS buttstockmuzzle brake, tiger stripe hard anodized on billet recieversGeissele SSA-E Trigger..
Ex Tax:$6,075.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: OMENMG2
Billet Upper and Lower Receiver, SF Tiger Stripe Anodize NEMO 22” .300 Win Mag Match Grade Barrel Geiselle SSA 2-Stage Match Trigger Free Float Customizable Handguard With Removable Rail System In Black Low Profile Gas Block Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Assembly NEMO Side Charging Handle NEMO PC..
Ex Tax:$5,850.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: OMENRECG1
.300 Win Mag Carbine. It's never been done until now. Another World's First .300 Win Mag rifle by NEMO. Compact, rugged, durable, portable, CQB, overwatch. Dare we say that the Recon is the “do everything” rifle? We dare. Light enough to pack around all day, short enough to stow and maneuver. Knock ..
Ex Tax:$5,699.00
Brand: NEMO Arms Model: OMENWG1
The Watchman represents the latest in the OMEN series of NEMO’s .300 Win Mag AR Rifles and is the result of the most common upgrades to the standard OMEN requested by our customers. Make no mistake, the Watchman offers feature benefits long serious range shooters will appreciate. Like it’s predecess..
Ex Tax:$7,475.00
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