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THOR BANG Case of 100rds

THOR BANG Case of 100rds
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THOR BANG Case of 100rds

The THOR's BANG is a 12-gauge shotgun round that is loaded, chambered, and ejected the same as any other shotgun round. It is a cost effective round, which produces an effect similar to that of a hand held device. The THOR BANG emits an intense bright flash of light at the muzzle, with a powerful low concussion. It can be felt from several feet away when fired outdoors from a standard 12 gauge smooth bore shotguns. When deployed into an enclosed area, the THOR BANG produces a very loud and low earthquake effect causing a distraction and allowing you to overcome any situation at hand. The THOR BANG is NOT regulated by B.A.T.F.E.. It is the safest distraction round available, due to it's deployment through a shotgun vs. being thrown from an operator's hand. 

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