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Brand: EOTech Inc. Model: ATP-000-A58
The Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser (ATPIAL) is small, lightweight and easy to use. The aiming system has integrated infrared and visible aiming lasers and an infrared illuminator.  The ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15) has been battle-tested for use on small arms and crew-served weapons.  This de..
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Brand: EOTech Inc. Model: XPS2-300
The XPS2 is the shortest, smallest and lightest EOTech model holographic weapon sight available without night vision. Its size and weight make it convenient for hunters and law enforcement officers to carry. It is also fast and runs on a single 123 battery. The compact, single-lithium-battery confi..
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Brand: FLIR Systems, Inc Model: 431-0017-02-00
 Model RS24,1x RS32,1.25-5x RS32,2.25-9x RS32,4-16x RS64,1.1-9x RS64,2-16xMSRP $3,249 $3,799 $4,199 $5,999 $5,499 $6,499FPA 240x180 VOx 336x256 VOx 640x512 VOxFrame Rate (Hz) 30 Hz 60 Hz 30 HzLens Focal Length 13mm 19mm 35mm 60mm 35mm 60mm..
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: GT14P
The GT-14 is a high-performance night vision monocular with advanced ergonomics and intelligent power controls. Fully submersible and extremely lightweight, GT-14 uses the most advanced Generation 3 image intensifier tubes and is equipped with an invisible to the human eye infrared illuminator (IR)...
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: LRS-SCOUT
The N-Vision Optics LRS-SCOUT is the perfect solution for professional film makers and serious hobbyists looking to adapt their DSLR or production cameras to Generation 3 night vision technology. The LRS Scout utilizes an excellent Pinnacle tube which has a tested resolution of at least 64 lp/mm (li..
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Brand: The Mako Group Model: Mepro Sting
The MEPRO STING provides shooting capabilities without the need to look through the rifle’s sight: enabling rapid and instinctive target engagement. Switching between visible and IR modes is easily controlled by the shooter. The two beams are fully controlled by the shooter. The MEPRO STING is uniqu..
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: PVS7P-HM
About N-Vision Optics PVS-7The PVS-7 is the current military issue night vision goggle used by the U.S armed forces and is the preferred choice of many foreign allies and law enforcement professionals. Built to withstand the rigors of the battlefield, it delivers exceptional gain and resolution ..
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Brand: Schmidt and Bender Model: 12-50x56 PM II Riflescope
12-50x56 PM II/PThe 12-50x56 PM II/P is the ideal scope for making shots at larger distances. The tried and true parallax compensation already used successfully in many other Schmidt & Bender scopes permits the user to focus on targets at a distance between 10 m and infinity. Thanks to the lar..
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: NVAC-107
The N-Vision Optics 3x Afocal Lens triples the range of night vision devices under all light conditions. This high performance lightweight 3x magnifier can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens. This 3x magnifier incorporates very fast optics (F/1.5) with a field of view of 13deg.N-Vi..
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Brand: Schmidt and Bender Model: 5-25x56 PM II/LP
5-25x56 PM II/LPThe 5-25x56 PM II/LP model is the scope for universal use with big magnification and an extremely comprehensive total adjustment range. It is equipped with parallax compensation, illuminated reticle and two turns in the elevation adjustment (Double Turn). Thanks to its big ma..
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: NVAC-110
About N-Vision Optics NVAC-110The N-Vision Optics 5x Afocal Lens further increases the range of the night vision unit. The high performance magnifier can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens. Magnifier has a field of view of 7.5N-Vision Optics NVAC-110 FeaturesEasily thread o..
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Brand: N-Vision Optics Model: A3256368-2
ACH/MICH Helmet Mount Assembly The A3256368-2 (275306-1) helmet mount allows the user to attach night vision monoculars and goggles to the MICH/TBH/CVC/ACH/ type helmets...
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